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A busy summer

The TWI Institute has been busy this summer with much “under the radar” activity getting ready for a lot of activity in the fall and winter. 

First, we sent a survey to the 277 trainers we have  certified since 2002.  We wish to thank everyone who has responded so far. We achieved an amazing return rate of over 50% from our faithful trainers.  THANKS!

The results of the survey will be published on our website at the end of the month. We plan to use the information to better serve our current and future certified trainers in the U.S. and around the world.

Other planning underway includes  three webinars in  with our colleagues at Lean Summits ( sign up now; they’re free.  Also, look out for TWI Symposia in Alabama, Texas and elsewhere as we educate  businesses with  the help of  MEP centers  and Lean Summits  about the principles underlying TWI and the  planning process to move forward on the journey.

While all that is going on, our own Bob Wrona and Patrick Graupp are writing their next book on TWI.  The first; The TWI Workbook told how and why to bring TWI into a company, the new volume will look at selected successful implementations since the return of TWI  in the late 90’s through the present time.   

We are well underway in our planing for attendance at the AME Conference in late October, please look for us among the vendors.  In addition, we are already working with our Lean Summit colleagues to make the TWI Summit in 2010 the biggest and best ever.

That’s the news from Your TWI Institute this week.

Steve Grossman, Director

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