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Survey says!

What a great group of trainers  TWI has!   We asked 251 certified TWI trainers to respond to a survey and 136 took the time to do it.  When have you ever heard of a 54% response rate to a survey?  

We received interesting data from all these responses which I will very  briefly summarize below.  I will be leaving out quite a bit so, for a complete report go to  

Selected Survey Results:

  • Since  the TWI Institute began to train and certify trainers in 2002 we have trained almost 300 trainers in one or more of the J programs.  Over two thirds of them have been trained  since 2005.  They are resident in 22 MEPs, 73 companies, 14 consulting firms and 2 community colleges, in 44 states and four other countries.  
  • Seventy-eight percent of the respondents said they were actively training.  
  • A majority of the active trainers  said they were doing as much or more training this year than last and 81 percent indicated they expect to the same or more training next year.
  • TWI Problem Solving is a new offering from the Institute. We asked about the trainer’s  interest in it and almost 90 percent were interested in additional information.   If you’re a trainer look for that information in the next few weeks.  
  • Finally, we asked the trainers if they were interested in follow-up coaching and mentoring after they completed certification. Only about a third were. We need to find out why that is and what we can do to support TWI implementation after the training is completed.

Thanks again to all the responders to our survey.

Steve Grossman – Director

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