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Wejust received another unsolicited testimonial from a client who said of TWI JI & JR initial program delivery: “Itwas more than I could’ve hoped for.  … The team is very interested in implementing the new process and we have a real energy surge that we must maintain.”  You would think that we might be used to comments such as these after all these years, but, we never get tired of hearing them.   

It also, illustrates the need to grab hold of that initial burst of enthusiasm and make something happen. When we go back   to this company we will counsel them to do their JIBS as soon as possible, get that training schedule done and start training.  Take some time and then; go back;  assess progress; correct your course and keep going.  When you wait to implement TWI your skills begin to degrade. “Use it or lose it” is as true of TWI skills as any other skills. 

Sucessful training is not success.

Steve Grossman – Director

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