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Thanksgiving is less than a week away. We are  starting to think about all the wonderful food that will be on the table.  The TWI Problem  Solving (PS) webinar on Tuesday (November 17th) was a feast of another kind;  food for thought.  Many of the webinar participants have  maturing TWI programs in their organizations.  They are looking for a way to bring their people  to the next level – is TWI Problem Solving what they’ve been hungry for? 

Patrick Graupp did a terrific job of bringing everyone along on a very brief explanation of a complex program.  He explained that  TWI PS is designed to make every supervisor a problem solver.  He pointed out that unlike other problem solving systems, TWI PS  not only provides the techniques for identifying and categorizing the causes of problems,  it provides  specific techniques for solving them.  And, if you have one or more TWI Job programs ongoing, you can leverage that investment into a powerful engine for continuous improvement.   

He made me hungry for more; how about you?  Did you miss the webinar?  No worries, call or email me, at the TWI Institute and we’ll feed you all the information you need.  In the meantime, have a happy, problem free, Thanksgiving.

Steve Grossman,  Director

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