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In just a few days we take a brief break for the holidays.  As I reflect on this past year (my first with TWI)  I can’t help but marvel at how much I’ve learned and how much we’ve accomplished.  I feel very fortunate to be working with  people who have a depth of  expertise with, and dedication to, TWI.  I’ve certainly learned the most from Bob Wrona and Patrick Graupp; the deans of  TWI.  They are working on their second book.  Their first was the TWI Workbook, it documented the whys and hows of TWI implementation.  The upcoming book will chronicle what has happened since the first book was published in 2006 in terms of the successes and lessons learned by companies implementing TWI programs. 

In the past year I’ve been privileged to watch our master trainers at work.   In 2009, the  TWI master trainers,  Patrick Graupp, Richard Abercrombie, Roger Bilas,  Mike Braml, and Dave Palazzoli have  brought 61 new practitioners  into the ranks of  TWI certified trainers.  Two thirds of the TWI Institute certified trainers are certified in  more than one program.  So, the 61 new trainers  accounted for a fraction  of the  150 seats filled in 27  train the trainer classes. The remaining 89 were in their second , third or fourth train the trainer class.  This is a track record made even more amazing by the  fact that in 2009 our master trainers and an outstanding cadre of certified trainers  including: Terry Cox, Richard Jackson, and Paul Johnson, have trained another 468 trainees in 49 J classes.  Many of  these trainees find their way into the ranks of certified trainers in fairly short order.  Finally, we can’t even count the number of trainees in the classes held in  2009 by our 313 certified trainers throughout the world.  

But the best part of the job, by far, has been meeting the great people in the many companies across the country where the TWI programs are being implemented.  Time after time I got to see and hear the success stories of companies weathering the economic storms and even prospering, in large part, because they are faithfully implementing the principles of TWI.   What a difference TWI training  has made in the lives of the people in these  companies! 

I also want to thank Lynne Harding, our Program Administrator, for making this first year such an easy transition; we would be lost without her.  

All the best to you and yours for a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year! 

 Steven Grossman – Director

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