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Here’s the latest from your TWI Institute. We’ve been busy so let me give you a quick overview:

  • When they’re not working with all of you, Bob Wrona and Patrick Graupp have been working hard writing their second book.  Look for it this summer or fall.  In this book they pick up the thread from the TWI Workbook and fast forward four years. What has happened to the companies that have implemented TWI correctly?  What has changed in TWI and what hasn’t?  
  • The TWI Summit is coming up in a few short weeks and preparations are almost complete. We have been working closely with Dwayne Butcher and Jim Huntzinger to make this simply the best TWI Summit ever!   In addition to an excellent venue (Green Valley Ranch – Las Vegas,  Nevada)  the program is going to be outstanding.  On our end Bob and Pat will offer their popular preconference session – TWI  101.  It is the best overview you can get.  During the conference the excellent breakout sessions will include many of the stars from TWI Institute’s cadre of trainers and leaders including:  Richard Abercrombie,   Patrick Graupp, Scott Curtis, Alan Gross, Robert Dumke, Martha Purrier, Sam Wagner, and Mike Braml.  Of course, all the sessions are being presented by stars in their own right.  On the Monday preceding the conference we will have our TWI Institute Certified Trainers meeting from 1 to 4 PM. This is free to certified trainers and invited guests. We are putting together an informative and interactive three hours you will not want to miss.   An agenda will be coming out soon.
  • As always, we have been talking, talking, talking to companies large and small about how to solve their production problems, large and small, through effective TWI program implementation.    We are finding our conversations are branching out into plants in Europe, Mexico, and Canada as well as our many U.S. companies. No one  in the world, it seems, is immune to production problems that result from inadequate training.   

Steve Grossman, Director

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