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Oh what a Summit!

If you were not able to make the 2010 TWI Summit at the Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas – we missed you! 

It was another great group of practitioners and leaders spending time focusing on TWI. The sessions were once again helpful and practical to the experienced and novice alike. The “J” classes following the Summit were well attended. There were two JI classes and one each in JR, JM and JS.

I want to send out a special thanks to the trainers who spent the additional three days away from home to deliver the classes.  I contacted every participant and they unanimously gave high marks to their instructors.  I am working with a number of them now on follow up and deployment in their companies. Our kudos on a job well done go out to  Richard Abercrombie, Mike Braml, Terry Cox, Richard Jackson, and Paul Johnson.

 One feature of the Summit, we especially look forward to each year, is the certified trainers meeting. It was held pre-Summit on Monday. We went over the nuts and bolts issues from the past year and the year to come.  This year we had over 25 at the meeting.   Lynne and Steve talked about the happenings at the Institute including improvements to the manuals, seminars and webinars, etc.

Plans for next year include more seminars and webinars and more improvements to the manuals. One of which is the inclusion of the five needs model in all manuals. 

Bob and Pat discussed the upcoming release of their new book. The book traces the progress of exemplary companies on the implementation of TWI in their operations.  It picks up where the first book left off.

The conversation then turned to TWI in Healthcare.   Bob said TWI in Healthcare is badly needed as a key part of their efforts to bring in Lean.  We are planning a webinar for MEPs and consultants on strategies to break into healthcare with the TWI message.     

Of course Problem Solving was on everyone’s mind.  Pat discussed the state of the program following the great excitement of last year’s sessions with Mr. Shibuya (Pat’s Sensei).  In the coming year we hope to expand the implementation of TWI PS to companies ready for it.

The next portion of the meeting was spent discussing how to avoid many common mistakes in TWI training.  For an outline of what was discussed just send me an email. ( )

Finally, we spoke about the importance of coaching. Following the ten hour class there is a period of practice that can make or break the implementation of TWI in a company. Coaching soon after the class is the best way to avoid a fall back into the old habits. We need to stress the importance of this after every class.   Recently, following a Train the Trainer in a large company, Richard went back and spent a whole week coaching breakdowns, observing different situations and offering advice and coaching. It’s a “Learn by doing” process. Someone once said: “Practice doesn’t make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect.”   Doing something incorrectly over and over doesn’t make you better at that skill.  

Following our Certified Trainers meeting on Monday, came two days of solid presentations including: outstanding keynotes and a mix of mature TWI implementation stories and start up experiences; something for everyone. We are already looking forward to next year in Orlando!

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