The TWI Blog for the Training Within Industry Community of Practice

The TWI Institute, Bob, Pat, Steve and Lynne want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the good work you do all year. As we look back at 2010, we also thank you for supporting what we have been able to accomplish this year.

  • We passed the 425 mark for Certified Trainers (100 this year).
  • Three Webinars were completed with a total of over 400 participants.
  •  The Blog has been running all year with over 300 hits a month. We have some exciting entries planned for next year. 
  • We hosted 6 benchmarking visits.  
  • The TWI Institute Coaching Service was instituted.
  • The second book by Pat and Bob was competed and published! Implementing TWI.
  • A new service was inaugurated: Implementation Assessment.  The assessment of an organization’s degree of implementation of TWI programs.
  • Another successful TWI Summit with our partners at Lean Frontiers.
  • We set another new record for shipping TWI materials to our certified trainers.
  • We presented a TWI workshop at the annual NIST MEP 2010 Conference.
  • We presented a workshop to an SRO crowd at the 2010 AME Conference.
  • We completed the translations of materials for JI in Spanish and French.
  • We delivered ten hour, and train the trainer classes in the U.S. and eight countries around the world.
  • We have delivered and promoted TWI in Healthcare; a growing area of need.
  • We delivered four regional informational seminars in the U.K., Czech Republic, Canada and Western N.Y.

None of this would have been possible without you and your belief in TWI.  We look forward to another great, even greater year in 2011 and with your support we’ll do it.

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