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TWI Blog is back

The TWI Blog for the TWI Institute is back after a short break.  Upon our return from the holiday break we have been busy booking our new train the trainer classes,  contacting our friends and making new ones.  The new classes are listed at  .  Talk to Lynne Harding if you are interested in registering.  We are looking forward to a year of more blogs with more useful information than ever before for our growing community of practice.  Please let Steve Grossman know if you have a story you want posted that will help others in deploying TWI.

Steve Grossman Director, TWI Institute

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  1. Pat Boutier said:

    Good questions and good inputs.
    I gave a webnair about a month ago on this subject directed towards the management or leadership within a company. The crux of which came down to, that first one needs to get the Leadership to acknowledge that they want people to use the JR methodology, and then to put their money where their mouth is by creating some measurements in place that will lead the organization to actually use JR.
    Once that is started, then coaching can actually begin and be effective.
    I would say that unless there is ‘real’ demand, by the leadership to see JR used, all the coaching will not be of use. Once that has started, then coaching can help.
    If those who have been taught JR, aren’t trying to use it, then coaching cannot begin.
    Any coaching without the above, will in my estimation and experience not be worth much.

    If we are coaching a skill, the ‘learner’ has to have some cycles of practice in order to have something to ‘observe’ and modify to observe once again. In this case the ‘observe’ is actually a discussion of what occurred and how it differed from the desired result and how the steps were utilized versus how they might have been used. Then a discussion about whether they have been using the foundations, and what evidence do they have about the current state having changed from the previous state, then a discussion of what do they need to do to move towards that desired condition of using the foundations.

    I’m in the state of attempting to develop this more formally and thoroughly in the near future.

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