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AME’s Target: Read It

If you are not a member of AME, you should be, if only to get the Target Magazine.   I read the first issue of Target for 2011 with greater interest than usual because this issue contained a number of articles and features of special meaning to us at the TWI Institute. The first  was an article about Currier Plastics’ disciplined approach to lean accounting.  We are very familiar with Currier and I read with great interest as our friend Alan Gross, VP of Operations said: “We are continuing to work on gaining maturity in this area [Realignment of Resources] and on cross training all manufacturing personnel to enable this. To that end, we use the TWI (Training Within Industry) JI (Job Instruction) process to establish and perfect standard work.”   

We have worked over a number of years with Alan and the folks at Currier Plastics and are happy to see them get the recognition they so richly deserve.     

As I continued reading I came to the interview by Lea Tonkin with another friend, Sherrie Ford, multifaceted Chairperson of the Board and VP of Culture at Power Partners Inc.  When asked what “lesson learned” she can share about leadership and cultural change she said: “Through all the changes and challenges we have continued to work on lean.   We have also kept our link with the union strong. We have chartered teams – teams that stay in place for at least one year – in communications, wellness, charities, sustainability, behavior based quality.   We have launched Training Within Industry, plant-wide, in a way that every employee will understand the process and the value of standard work.” 

We’ve appreciated the opportunity to be a part of their great progress in such a relatively short period of time.    

Then, I got to the “Resources” section where Glenn Marshall writes about his picks for the best books on developing and sustaining standard work with an emphasis on – you guessed it – TWI.  In the article Glenn thanks our Executive Director Robert Wrona for his assistance. Finally, on the last page, I see Doc Hall’s review of Patrick Graupp and Robert Wrona’s new book (Implementing TWI) .  I’ll let you read the review or better yet the book.  Needless to say; Doc liked it. 

 So, you can see why, on the eve of the second decade of the TWI Institute, I was so gratified to read, in this issue of Target Magazine, the many references about how TWI contributes to success in organizations.          

Steven Grossman, Director

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