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Are  you are a certified trainer who sometimes asks: What do the numerical ratings mean on those evaluation forms?

 Richard Abercrombie has delivered hundreds of classes and has seen a pattern emerge on those feedback scores.  He says: 

 “Anything from 8-10 is a ‘promoter’.  This person will speak favorably about Job Instruction to others and will be willing to recommend it.  For you as the trainer, and for company management, there is no serious concern here.  But they still need follow-up and encouragement.

 A score of 6 or 7;  I consider to be a person who is “not sure.”  Something is bothering them.  If management has selected these participants because they expect them to use the method, this is a concern.  Management needs to follow-up with the group and see if they can get them to talk about what lingering concerns there are.  It’s hard to know why they think that way without getting them to express their feelings and opinions.   

A score of 5 or below is a BIG concern for management because that person is a ‘detractor’.  They will be willing to actively discourage others.  In this case, Management must be very active in follow-up with the specific individuals if they know who.  

 While you’re doing your follow-up you can try to get a feel for those that are still ‘not sure’.  Your coaching will probably convert them to 8-10.”

Thanks Richard! 

 What do you think?  Do you agree? Let us know – leave us a comment.

 Steve Grossman

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