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Learn By Doing



Unlike traditional classroom training in which there is much lecture and utilization of Power Point presentations, TWI Institute employs strong learn-by-doing components in order to actually impart Skills to people being trained.

Skills, even those that look simple or easy like swimming, cannot be learned from a book or from a lecture. No matter how many books about swimming you read or how many films you watch, you will never be able to swim until you actually get into the water and begin to learn-by-doing. You will be helped to become a really good swimmer and gain this skill more quickly by accepting help from a swimming instructor.


INITIAL TRAINING: (TWI Institute Master Trainer – 5 Days at Company location)

1.  During the initial week of training, the TWI Institute Master Trainer includes a lot of DOING through practice using time-tested methods. This develops skills by taking participants beyond just coaching Xs and Os on a chalk board.

2.  Classroom practices are like blocking and tackling drills and the running of plays in full pads. The TWI Institute Master Trainer is like the sports coach that runs the drills while providing individual instruction and guidance.

3.  Participants practice making Job Instruction Breakdowns (JIBs) and actually DOING Job Instruction training right on the shop floor. This happens outside of the 10-hour class sessions as participants begin to apply ON THE JOB what has been first practiced in the classroom. This is like a controlled scrimmage in which the Master Trainer is coaching in between plays.

 APPLICATION IN PILOT AREA: (During the next several weeks – Trainers focus their new skills on improving KPIs)

4.  Participants from the initial week of training begin to make JIBs and to train workers by using those JIBs along with the 4-Step Method. This occurs in the company-selected Pilot Area. Here is where participants ACTUALLY DO valuable work while they hone their newly acquired training skills. All this work is targeted in order to improve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by reducing scrap, rework, production delivery times, equipment downtime, etc. in the Pilot Area. REAL JIBs are written, REAL training happens and REAL improvement begins and a great deal of deep learning takes place which will later be seen to result in even greater benefit. These few weeks are like actual sports contests in which we experience some successes (plays that worked well and we scored) as well as some temporary failures (where we fumbled and weren’t able to score). This kind of FEEDBACK can only be gained through actual DOING. Trainers and supervisors encounter situations and circumstances which could not be understood apart from real-life experience; and this FEEDBACK will be the springboard for taking employee skills (and the KPI improvements we will realize from their application) to a much higher level.

JI FOLLOW-UP COACHING: (TWI Institute Master Trainer – 3 days at Company location)

5.  The TWI Institute Master Trainer reviews the FEEDBACK from the past several weeks of application in the Pilot Area and works with the participants to correct the problems experienced. This is like the coach who helps the players to make adjustments after reviewing game film. The Master Trainer also works with line supervisors and managers (they will be the coaches and play callers going forward) so that they improve their skills in planning and TWI coaching.

LINE SUPERVISORS AND TRAINERS CONTINUE USE OF TWI SKILLS IN PILOT AREA AND BEYOND: (The TWI Institute remains available to help or advise, as needed.)

6.  The team owner/manager keeps everyone’s eyes on the scoreboard (KPIs) as the line supervisors continue to reduce scrap, rework, production delivery times, equipment downtime, etc.  (score points/goals/touchdowns) in their areas of coaching responsibility. The trainers and supervisors from the Pilot Area become valuable resources of experience and know-how as the Company begins to expand the training and use of TWI in order to significantly improve KPIs beyond the initial Pilot Area. Prior to expanding to new areas, most companies choose to send one or more of the people to at 40-hour Train-the-Trainer class conducted by the TWI Institute. This 40-hour training equips and certifies Company trainers to conduct the 10-hour class sessions in order to spread skill throughout the organization. It also builds greater in-depth understanding enabling participants to become internal experts who are able to advise and coach trainers and supervisors in other areas as implementation spreads.

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