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What People Don’t Know About LEAN

If you are viewing this blog, you are in-the-know. You most likely know a lot about LEAN and continuous improvement.

But many people that are trying to implement LEAN into their businesses are struggling. And in many cases they are missing something that is as basic to LEAN success as 5S, or Kaizen, or Kanban.

And this fundamental element is making tremendous differences in businesses from Toyota to the corner bakery.

The purpose of this blog is to ask you to join with a number of practitioners, lean bloggers, authors, consultants and people in the know to please point all your friends & associates to this new non-commercial website to spread the word about TWI and bring it in to the mainstream of Lean:

We’re going to list everyone participating in this community effort on a “supporters” page on the site and are asking those supporters to point their followers/clients/members to the site several times in 2014. We’d like to get a confirmation one way or another by February 28th so we can start the campaign in earnest then.

TWI – The Missing Link to Sustainable Lean

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