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TWI Blog for the TWI Institute  is the blog for the Training Within Industry community of practice.  The TWI Institute provides education, training, materials, implementation guidance,  and connections with TWI practitioners and industry leaders.  For information about TWI and the Institute visit us at .

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  1. My question is “I’ve been training JI for a year now; doing 7 classes all of them within Manufacturing areas. I have now been approached by our Engineering Department to ask if JI would work there, their training is much more information based rather than task, at present they do all their training using group sessions, could the 2 training methods be used together, group sessions for the information based side of the training with breakouts to JI for the task based training? “

    • Yes, this can be done effectively. We do this in our Certified Molding Operator training, where the group session is used for the information-based aspects of training (like understanding the science of the injection molding process) and then JI’s for the tasks of setting up the mold, for example. It works great!

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